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From start to finish, we're here to help you restore your score and achieve financial success!

Working together, we can help clean up your credit profile efficiently and effectively. Our proven system allows you to be a part of the process- review all of your letters before they are sent out and be the first to receive the results. By maintaining communication, we will be able to provide the best service possible with consistent updates to your letters and to your online account.   Many of our clients have seen an increase of 100 points or more*; however, the actual amount will vary per customer. There are many factors that affect a credit score besides derogatory items. For example, the ability to pay down revolving debt, the type of credit you have, your length of credit history, even the number of inquiries on your credit file. It is especially important that no current accounts fall into a negative status.

Here are the Simple Steps to Creating a High Credit Rating:


Step 1. Complete the simple online enrollment form and activate your service. The sooner this process is completed, the quicker we can get your letters out to you! Get enroll now HERE 

Step 2. Call customer service to activate your account (248)848-9065 Option 1 or Coach Kev at 954-446-3120

Step 3. Wait for dispute letters to come in the mail with instructions. 


Questions or concerns can quickly be answered and resolved by contacting our corporate office and speaking with a live representative.


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